The objectives behind the activities conducted through Tawteen is to prepare and guide students in their career exploration process by offering them a wide range of career planning services that help them nurture their skills and pursue a successful professional life.


The program helps students get on the career track they want to pursue by offering them one to one Career interview sessions and advise them on CV writing, interview techniques, mock interviews, job search strategies, etc.

The role of the Training component is to explore, design, develop and ensure the delivery of high quality training workshops, programs and seminars, thereby providing students with the training aids needed to enhance their career prospects and succeed in their future careers. Below is a list of some of the workshops conducted in 2019 – 2020.
Team Building and Cohesion

This workshop enhances students’ ability to work in a group and develop their communication and negotiation skills.


This workshop aims to equip students with the skills needed to take on challenges with assurance, manage change and complexity with conviction, and enhance their leadership skills.

Ethics and Trust

This workshop assists students in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and teaches them how to identify their personal values and contribute to leadership.


The Career Center hosted LinkedIn’s team to teach students and graduates how to rock their linkedin profile and advance their career.

Critical Thinking

This workshop helps students in identifying their skills and in applying logical and creative approaches to solving problems and making decisions.

CV Writing and Interviewing Skills

This workshop helps students in improving their interpersonal skills and in building their resume in a professional way, and teaches them how to standout during an interview.

Effective Communication Skills

This workshop aims to equip students to take on challenges with assurance, manage change and complexity with conviction, and enhance their leadership authority.

Stress Management

This workshop teaches students techniques related to managing stress in the context of university studies and academic life.

Time Management Skills

This workshop aims to help students manage their time effectively and schedule tasks according to their priorities, which in return will reflect positively on their daily academic and professional performance.

The Placement section at Tawteen is responsible for liaising with external organizations and employers to obtain relevant career information such as job opportunities and recruitment policies and procedures. A Business Development team is in charge of widening the scope of career related opportunities for students and Alumni. Besides, field visits and information sessions are regularly conducted so that students maximize their network with the industry.

The Career Fairs are an ideal platform for university students to seek job opportunities and network with local and international leading companies that are looking for fresh talents.  Tawteen is responsible for organizing university career fairs to maximize such opportunities for students